Monaco Curfew runs from 10pm to 5am. Shops will shut at 9:30pm. Fines are currently 200 euros for breaking curfew.   

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  1. Easter egg donations for CHPG hospital staff
  2. Current Monaco COVID-19 cases
  3. Monaco Telecom
  4. Monaco Government Website links
  5. Travel in France and Italy
  6. France Government web site links
  7. France - New QR Form generator for phone or tablet
  8. Italian Government web site links

1. Easter Egg Donations

We have decided to join together with a BAM member and her two daughters for an Easter Egg appeal. The donation link is here (Le Pot Solidaire).

"With Easter fast approaching, staff in healthcare will be facing the prospect of spending the long bank holiday weekend on the frontline as the coronavirus crisis continues.

To show our huge appreciation to the CHPG hospital staff, we would like to donate Easter Eggs to spread a little Easter cheer.
This action has been coordinated beforehand with the CHPG hospital, if possible, they would need Easter eggs for around 120 staff members, this represents eight services. The other services, will receive chocolate from other donors.

Thanks to Jeff de Bruges Monaco who will give us a special discount and your generosity, we can make it happen!

Could you please donate on this (link) by Thursday, April 9th.

The proceeds will go directly to Jeff de Bruges Monaco; they will in turn will organize the chocolate delivery directly to the hospital on Easter Monday

Thank you ! We are counting on your generosity! Let’s show the staff we care!"

2. Current Monaco COVID-19 cases
Latest news on numbers is 7 new cases announced on Sunday evening – the largest daily number recorded, bringing the number of people affected by the coronavirus to 73, including three patients who are now cured.   15 patients are currently in hospital,
4 in intensive care.   A further 33 people have symptoms and are under observation at their homes.   It should be remembered, however, that the CHPG has a much wider catchment area than the Principality itself  and many of the cases mentioned are people resident in surrounding areas.

3. Monaco Telecom
Just a reminder that, although Monaco Telecom shops are closed, they offer a telephone/online service for phone or tv box replacement, or if you wish to change your selection of tv channels.  
Simply ring them on 99 66 33 00 between 8am and 11pm seven days a week and they will do whatever is necessary, including delivery of any new equipment you need.

4. Monaco government web site links
The official Monaco Government website for all information relating to the COVID-19 situation is:

For information in English go to :

Monaco has a form to complete for permission to travel to work, but no form for other permitted activities. Monaco still has rules including a 10pm-5am curfew. See the Monaco web site ( ) for regulations and exceptions.

5. Travel into France and Italy
Do not rely on what you did the last time you travelled but verify the rules for each country to see if your journey is legally permitted. Do not leave your house to travel for the Easter holidays as the police are increasing road blocks and patrols to stop this. France has an increasing scale of fines and punishments.

6. France
Details of the new electronic version of the form is in the next section (7.)
The French authorities have an ‘Attestation de deplacement derogatoire,’ a form that must be carried during all travel outside the home. The form has a paper version in French (there is a DOCX file with the English). The form can be downloaded at:

You can copy the form details on a plain piece of paper if you do not have a printer or you can use the new electronic form if you have a smartphone or tablet (see 7. below).

You must have completed the form before you leave home i.e. before you are asked by the Police.

7. France - New QR Form generator for phone or tablet
A smartphone or Tablet version is now available. This is a custom PDF "ticket" like an e-ticket for trains or planes that has a unique QR code that is scan-able by the police. To create your personal form click the link and enter in the required details, the bottom of the page click the "Générer mon attestation" button. This creates a UNIQUE PDF file that your phone or tablet will download. Display this to the police if asked.

You must have completed this before you leave home not when you see a road block or get caught by the Police!

The PDF that is created is unique with your details that you have entered and is only valid for the times and purposes that you have supplied.

Note that Monaco does not require this Attestation but does have a form your employer must complete if you are still travelling to work.

8. Italy
Italy has mandatory rules including a self-declaration form which can change. You risk fines, confiscation of vehicle and a criminal record for violation of the lockdown rules. For the current form visit, 


Other News Items...

Central Information Line
The Central Information Line for all COVI-19 enquiries, 92 05 55 00, is manned seven days a week from 9am until 6pm and the range of services has been extended to include experts in mental and psychiatric health, in order to assist those who are suffering from symptoms brought about by self-isolation.
The service can also by contacted by email on

Blood Donations
Call for blood donations - Despite the current Covid-19 crisis, the need for blood continues for patients at the Princess Grace Hospital Centre (CHPG).
The Government has released a statement confirming that people who so wish can still donate blood, despite the current lockdown. Each year 3,500 blood donations are necessary for the 800 patients transfused in the Principality.
To avoid unnecessary travel, the Blood Transfusion Center (CTS) recommends calling 97 98 98 20 to obtain an appointment, on Tuesdays between 8am and 2pm, Wednesdays between 10am and 3pm or Thursdays between 8am and 2pm.
Donors should carry with them a form specifying that their trip is for a health reason as well as the SMS which they will have received confirming their appointment at the CTS. For more info see Blood Donation (Don du Sang)  section.


Coastal Buses - Nice -
Beaulieu-sur-Mer -  Eze - Monaco - Menton 
The N° 100 Nice/Menton bus cancelled.
The coastal Nice/Menton bus service No 100 has now been suspended until further notice.   However, the N° 112, which travels between Nice and Menton via Eze is still running, as is the N° 110 service between Nice Airport, Monaco and Menton – but the latter with a new timetable.   Full details available on 0809 400 013 or visit

There is, however, a service between Beaulieu-sur-Mer (Port), Monaco and Menton (and in reverse).   This will operate every 30 minutes from 6am to 7.30pm in both directions, seven days a week.   From Beaulieu to Monaco it will stop at the usual N° 100 stops (Cimetière, Place d’Armes (Serravalle) , Princesse Antoinette (Train station) , Monte-Carlo Tourist Office, Place des Moulins , Saint Roman and, from Monaco to Beaulieu, at Saint Roman, Place des Moulins, Monte-Carlo Casino, Place Sainte Dévote and Place d’Armes.
Whilst on the subject of buses, the Monaco bus service is running a Sunday schedule throughout the week.  
Since the driver's section is partitioned off to prevent any contact with passengers, tickets cannot be bought on the buses and must be purchased from one of the machines sited at various stops throughout the Principality.

St Paul's Anglican Church
As with other places of worship, St Paul's Anglican Church access is restricted but the church has adapted to the confinement and has started to use Youtube videos of the celebration of the mass. Visit the St Pauls web site here (link). 

for more information.

Pregnant Women and visits
Further information has also been issued in relation to the concerns which pregnant women may be experiencing.   Professor Carbonne, Director of the Princesse Grace Hospital Maternity Unit has confirmed that expectant mothers, whilst they should take care to observe the current distancing and hygiene rulings, are at no more risk than anyone else.   More stringent rules are , however, in place concerning those about to give birth.   Apart from the father, no hospital visits will be allowed.   If the father wishes to be present at the birth, he must undertake to stay in the same room with his partner throughout the procedure and, thereafter, will only be permitted one visit per day.

Oceanographic Museum - Virtual Tour
The Oceanographic Museum
has announced a new "virtual tour" of its exhibits – an excellent way to entertain children and adults alike.   To access the tour, visit

Restaurant Deliveries
For those of you who are getting bored with having to cook at home, help is now at hand : simply visit for a list of restaurants which will deliver food to your door!
Street Cleaning and pets
During the advanced streets and pavement cleaning it is very important to wash paws of your furry friends after each walk. Mild soap and running water is the best to remove toxins from the paws. These chemicals used for disinfection are highly toxic. Check paws on a regular basis for dry patches or cracks, treat with natural paw balm or 100% pure cold pressed and unrefined coconut oil or Shea butter.

Facetime to patients
BAM CST have been informed that Centre Rainier III (CR3) is setting up FaceTime calls with patients who are unable to make phone calls and their families.The technician will bring the equipment and appointments will be made with the families concerned.

Traders at the Marché
Full details of all traders at the Marché, together with their phone numbers so that you can telephone in an order and have it delivered to your home are found here (LINK).

Regarding the use of chloroquine
The drug has significant adverse and dangerous side effects - do not self-medicate. Within Monaco, the drug stocks are now controlled. If you are already on this drug for a treatment then it can be obtained from a single pharmacy.

Monaco Telecom
Monaco Telecom has a list of additional channels which will be available free (See the attached PDF list here).

Reserved Shopping Times
Monaco food stores are now dedicating one hour per day to serving only elderly shoppers (those over 70).
The time slot runs from the opening time of each shop.

Keep a distance of at least 1.5 metres apart at all times. 

Home Meal Distribution
Don't forget also the extended home meal distribution service now being offered by the Monaco City Council in association with the Monaco Red Cross,
for those over 70 or who are too frail to get out.   These nutritiously balanced meals consist of a starter, main course, cheese, dessert and bread.   Lunch costs €9 whilst both lunch and dinner together cost only €15 – amazingly good value.   For more information on food delivery, call +377 93 15 22 99 from 8:30am to 6pm Monday to Friday. 

Continuing to Work
If you are continuing to work at your normal working location you will need to obtain a written attestation from your employer, certifying the need for you to be moving about within the Principality.

Pharmacy Home Deliveries
For those less sprightly, you will be pleased to hear that all pharmacies will now deliver essential medical supplies to your home – simply ring your local pharmacy to arrange this or call the special number which has been set up :  97 97 68 00, manned from Monday to Friday from 9am to 6pm.

Don't forget also that the council is offering free delivery of fresh produce purchased at the Condamine and Monte-Carlo markets.
Finally :  our Community Support Team, although not making its usual visits, is always on hand to help with any problems, small or large – simply call the usual number 06 60 21 63 99.

Specific to BAM: All future BAM Events are cancelled. The BAM CST Community Support Team's visits have been suspended but a reminder that CST is always on hand to help with any problems, small or large – simply call the usual number 06 60 21 63 99.

Did You Know?
"Spike" - you have probably seen the pictorial representation of the Coronavirus as a round ball with a cushion of spikes - these are known as spike proteins or specifically the Spike glycoprotein (S). Understanding this structure is key to understanding the propagation speed. 
The earlier SARS-CoV of 2003 and the current SARS-CoV-2 share 86% of the same genomic sequence but the current SARS-CoV-2 outbreak (COVID-19) differs in how much faster the virus can propagate from person to person.  Spike proteins are what coronaviruses use to "bind" to the membrane of human cells. This is where the SARS-CoV-2 differs from the earlier SARS-CoV as it recognises and is activated by an emzyne called "furin" that is found in many different human organs, such as the lungs, liver and small intestine. 

Sleep: The lockdowns, curfews and closed shops and schools have scrambled our daily routines. Sleep is an essential part of our health and wellbeing. Poor sleep patterns and insufficient sleep means we risk obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, coronary heart disease, stroke, poor mental health, and even early death.

Daylight saving has just started and for us in Monaco, France and Italy, clocks have gone forward by an hour. Maintain a daily routine including setting your alarm at your usual or a consistent time even though the new social rules do not mandate this. The amount of sleep varies by age but will be between 7 and 9 hours for most of us with more for infants and teenagers. The US CDC has a useful guide here (Link).

We all have what is called a "Microbiome". This is made up of trillions of (mostly) bacteria, fungi and other microbes both inside the body, especially the gut, as well as on our skin. The gut microbiome plays a very important role in your health by helping control digestion and benefiting your immune system and many other aspects of health. There is an ongoing program called the Human Microbiome Project that is genetically sequencing these organisms and identifying how they interact with our human cells.

Malaria is caused by a single-celled microorganism from the Plasmodium genus. There are 5 species of which one P. falciparum is the most dangerous to humans.  The disease is most commonly spread by an infected female mosquito of the Anopheles genus (of which there are 30-40 species of mosquito that can transmit the Plasmodium organism out of the approximately 460 mosquito species). The disease still kills over 400,000 people a year.

Curfew comes from the Old French cuevrefeu and means literally to "cover fire". It was a fixed hour signalled by bells where citizens banked the hearth (concentrated the wood in the fireplace and used ashes to smother the fire so it burned slowly overnight) and extinguished lights. The modern French term is couvre-feu and the Italian is coprifuoco. The modern sense of restriction of movement of persons dates from the 1800s. 

The virus itself has been designated SARS-CoV-2 (Severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 ) by the International Committee on Taxonomy of Viruses. WHO and media will also refer to this as Covid-19 and Coronavirus.


Due to Government cancelling non-essential meetings and closing public places, the BAM Committee decided the Annual General Meeting 2020 (18th March) and all other BAM events are cancelled until further notice.

For more information please visit the Monaco Government web site at,

A curfew now exists from 10pm to 5am in Monaco and nearby France. You risk a 200 euro fine for violations.

At 8pm Tuesday 17 March, Prince Albert II gave a televised address to citizens, residents and workers of Monaco.

Whilst no official curfew was imposed, as in France, it was made clear that only the most essential journeys – for food shopping, medical supplies etc – should be undertaken.


Work on all building and construction projects is to cease immediately until further notice.


The Sovereign's speech was followed by an appearance by Stéphane Valéri, President of the Conseil National, who outlined the immediate financial measures being taken to protect local commerce and workers affected by the widespread closures.   He also announced that, with immediate effect, all street parking would be free, in order to allow drivers to use their cars individually, thereby avoiding the risk of infection through close proximity to others in carpooling arrangements.


The Mayor, Georges Marsan, then announced the extension of the home meals service to anyone over the age of 70, or to anyone whose health was delicate.   These deliveries can be arranged by ringing 93 15 22 99 and you can opt for a lunch at €9 per day or lunch and dinner at €15 per day.


M. Marsan also announced new  services provided by the Marché de la Condamine, which  will now close at 3.30pm and remain closed during the evenings.   A special route has been devised for the indoor market, to facilitate a minimum distance of 1.5 metres between clients, and outdoor stalls have been spaced further apart.   The Mairie will deliver fresh produce to your home but delivery of items from counters inside the market must be arranged with the individual counter concerned.


Whilst churches in the Principality will remain open for individual private prayer, there will be no public services.   Instead, Monaco Info (Channel 8) will broadcast Mass from the Cathedral at 9am each day and a 6pm Mass from a different church in Monaco every day.


Starting from 7pm  Wednesday 18 March, Monaco Info will broadcast a daily update on the situation.


Our BAM Queen's Birthday Cocktail photos are here.  If you want a higher resolution then just email the BAM Administrator with the file name and we can email you back a higher quality image. 


Our first Macmillan Coffee afternoon 2019 photos are here.  If you want a higher resolution then just email the BAM Administrator with the file name and we can email you back a higher quality image.   

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You can also subscribe to our enhanced weekly email updates HERE - during the crisis we are sending out a small email update at around 9am on Monday, Wednesday and Fridays. The update is a summary of the COVID-19 issues as they affect Monaco, the nearby France (Alpes-Maritimes) and the local region of Italy (Ventimiglia-Imperia). 

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